Month / September 2014

Father and daughter talking with no electronics.

1. TOTAL ATTENTION. Nothing equals the joy that comes when you can have an uninterrupted conversation with your daughters at dinner because they forgot to recharge their smartphones.

Scene from A Few Good Men.

1. BETTER LEFT UNSAID. When it comes to finding out what goes on at high school parties today, Jack Nicholson on the stand in A Few Good Men might as well have been talking to me: “You want the truth. You can’t handle the truth!”

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1. PITY APPRECIATED. My youngest is such a gentle soul, I can never tell if she takes walks with me because she genuinely enjoys spending time with her old man or if she simply recognizes when her father is in desperate need of some filial attention. (My wise wife’s advice at such times: Why question her motives? Just enjoy the walk!)

Kids on school bus are scarier than a drill sergeant

1. SHARPER TONGUES. Now that the school year has commenced again, it is time to confront once more the startling reality: The kids on your children’s school buses could make the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket cry.