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Family sharing a dessert.

1. SHORT RESOLUTIONS. Okay, one of my New Year’s resolutions is already broken. To work on getting my body mass index into the healthily fit and not just acceptable range, I had vowed to cut out all desserts. But last night, my family and I shared a slice of tiramisu at an Italian restaurant. I suppose I could kid myself into believing that eating just a quarter of a dessert doesn’t constitute a real breaking of a vow. But rather than cling to any false victory, I will take full pride in this year’s honestly gained achievement. I went a full 42 hours before breaking a resolution. So for me 2015 sets a record for determination and self-discipline that I’ve never reached before!

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2. NEVER DO’s. Fashion tips from my style-conscious eldest: “Crocs are so done and over, but if you can’t stop yourself, be sure to never go ‘crocs with socks.’” (If you do, according to her, you need to rethink your entire life.) “Groutfits” are a strict no-no.” (Apparently, it’s a ban against uniformly gray clothing and, to my surprise, has nothing to do with protective wear for tile guys.)