Fictional explorations of family and relationship dynamics. These are written by me, but unlike DAD FLASHES, the source material is my imagination, not my family! And be forewarned — these are a little more serious in tone, without the lighthearted, humorous take of DAD FLASHES.

1. HOVERING – A father, after seeing his daughter share a slow dance with a boy at a bar mitzvah, has trouble dealing with the signs his little girl is growing up.

2. LITTLE PEACEKEEPER – A father, on the brink of divorce, shares a dinner with his wife and son, as he struggles to prove to his wife that he deserves a second chance.

3. HEAVY LUMBER – A woman who has suffered multiple setbacks comes to terms with the jealousy she has always felt over her younger brother’s success.

4. BETTER TO SAY NOTHING AT ALL – A gentle, but socially awkward soul, has trouble conforming to the tighter restrictions on behavior in today’s Corporate America.

5. NEVER PRESUME TO UNDERSTAND – A college student discovers another side to his father when he works alongside him one summer.