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The Persuader superhero along with collage of family.

1. REVEALING SUPERPOWERS. One evening over dinner, my daughters and I discussed what superpower we each would want if we were only allowed one. My youngest wanted the power of telekinesis, as she explained because, “That way, I wouldn’t have to get out at bed at night to turn off the light or brush my teeth, I could just command the light-switch to flip to off or the toothbrush to come into my room and brush my teeth without me even having to get up.” That decision made me wonder if her current schedule of school, piano and trumpet lessons, and debate team might be taxing her a little too much. I said I’d like the power to tele-transport the way the characters in Star Trek did, a desire that surprised no one given how much I complain about how expensive airline tickets are. My oldest said she would like the powers of the Persuader, so she could talk people into doing whatever she wanted them to. That seemed like a wasted wish because it would be entirely superfluous. With her father at least, she seems to be in full possession of that skill already.

Family as turkeys, caricature illustration

1. RELIABLE SOURCES. Per usual this Thanksgiving, I have lots to be grateful for – all thanks to the three wonderful ladies who share a house with me. My wife provides a Rock of Gibraltar-esque level of support and can always helpfully explain to me the emotions behind every interaction I have with a friend or colleague. My eldest, with her harmless teasing of her old man, always has me laughing, while she also keeps me “au courant” on all the latest fashion and pop culture trends. My youngest’s ever-calm and cool demeanor is an inspiration to me, while her brilliantly articulated explanations of how the physical world works leave me continuously fascinated. I’m not sure how I managed to get through my days before they came into my life.

Blinders seem better than Google glasses.

1. ONE THING AT A TIME. I have never bragged about being a multi-tasker because I know I am wholly incapable of doing more than one thing at a time. If I’m reading or doing work at home, I need complete silence. Much to my kids’ disappointment, I can’t have music on in a room where I am trying to think because it’s too distracting. If someone tries to talk to me when I am concentrating, I inevitably respond with an annoyed look and tone. To send the appropriate signal when I am deep into single-tasking, I am seriously considering wearing the same kind of blinders that racehorses do. That’s why I am so excited that Google glasses might become a thing. If all the multi-taskers start wearing that ridiculous contraption, I am sure my wearing blinders won’t look so preposterous!