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Father and two daughers at a campground

1. S’MORES NO MORE. The days when my now teenaged daughters were willing to spend an entire weekend camping with their dad are long gone. As much attraction as fishing, canoeing and making S’mores by the campfire might have held, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I can no longer compete with malls and the endless supply they provide of clothing stores, ice cream shops and boys. (So now the tent is stored deep in the garage — it and me hoping it can come out of mothballs when they have kids!)

I really need to delete shots like this from my photos folder before my daughters get a chance to discover how inept I am with my iPhone.

1. RANDOM SHOTS. Nothing gives my eldest daughter greater pleasure than to scroll through the photo file on my phone and discover the number and variety of pictures I’ve taken of my feet, random floors, the roof of my car, and the home screen of my phone.